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Shark Week!

This post is dedicated to Shark Week: for inspiring the pirate in us all and the movie Sharknado.  

 {a handmade card is such an easy alternative to the grocery store offering}

In lieu of flying to Texas during my friend's 8th month of pregnancy to decorate the nursery for her, I pinned pirate themed ideas to my pinterest board and mailed her a gift box full of the cutest pirate themed items I could find... 

 {Pirate Booty}

Here's what I included: 

    1. Scull and Crossbone Hand-knit Baby Booties via Etsy here (the woman was super nice and even included an eye patch)
    2. Hooded Shark Towel via Target here
    3. Pirate Bathtub Squirters via Target here
    4. Pirate Nap Book (about learning colors) via Target here
    5. A couple brightly striped outfits found at Target and Old Navy...
    6. And a bag of my favorite snack for the Mama, Pirate Booty!

    {Treasure Box made out of a plain white mailing box drawn with markers to look like faux wood grain} 

     {tiny booties}

    {my pirate box ready to ship - I used black tissue paper + skipped formal wrapping paper}

    She picked a pirate themed nursery based off of the bedding she had selected, but I could imagine this working for many other baby room themes: farm animals, the alphabet or flowers for a baby girl?

    Sometimes you just can't be everywhere you would like to be, mailing a care package makes the distance more bearable. Seeing a picture of little Luke two months later in his eyepatch wasn't bad either...

    {Baby Luke as Blackbeard Baby "Shiver me timbers!"}