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Little Cupcake Bakeshop

Due to Mr. RaeChild's birthday this past week, I found myself in SoHo/Little Italy trying out the restaurant Peasant, which I'm happy to report back is excellent. It was recommended to me by a good friend who owns a restaurant upstate, he tries out all the latest + greatest restaurants in the city to find new inspiration for his place. Serving creamy ricotta (instead of the usual butter or olive oil) with freshly baked bread was a good start to the evening, but an even sweeter prelude was my find just a few blocks away at Little Cupcake Bake Shop

It's not often I find the occasion to spend $3.50 on a cupcake. When I do, I not only expect the little deliciousness to be delightful, but the shop decor to hold it's weight as well. This one had all the tricks - neon outdoor sign, crown moldings galore, adorable Feed Project bags being sold, and dainty chandeliers to boot. Above and beyond the shop decor, I loved their hot pink takeaway boxes. Though, I suppose, while shopping for treats in and around SoHo I should expect nothing less than a sexy little box. 


Onto the cupcake taste test...

{Little Cupcake Bakeshop: Dreaming Princess} 

The Dreaming Princess:

a dollop of light billowy meringue on buttercream frosting with a drizzle of raspberry sauce with almond flavored white cake.   

Verdict: Balanced. The raspberry sauce added a touch of tangy-ness, the toasted almonds brought it back down a notch, the meringue gave it the cloudy lightness of any deserving princess. Loved this featured cake, it won the show in both looks + taste.

{Little Cupcake Bakeshop: German Chocolate} 

The German Chocolate Cake:

light chocolate cake topped with a condensed milk, coconut, pecan frosting.

Verdict: Not often offered behind the cutesy glass cake case, this one doesn't carry the same curb appeal with it's globby, nutty-textured, cappuccino-colored topping - however, it holds a place in my heart as it was served every year for my Dad's birthday growing up. Although not always a favorite amongst me and my sister as young girls, it is now an endearing addition to my cake vocabulary. This one was an excellent example, one my grandmother would approve and so it earns the no. 2 spot.

{Little Cupcake Bakeshop: Carrot Cake} 

The Carrot Cake:

spice cake below, lightly sweet frosting up top.

Verdict:  The spice was nice but perhaps it was missing that extra little bit of "healthy" texture in the form of shredded carrots or more raisins/nuts that I've come to expect in carrot cake. No. 3 place for not holding up to the bunny rabbit in me. 

{Little Cupcake Bakeshop: Red Velvet} 

The Red Velvet: 

brightest red cake I've encountered followed by a classic vanilla buttercream on top.

Verdict:  I must be a hater because I just don't get the red-velvet craze. It's supposed to be chocolate cake dyed with so much red food coloring that it overrides the natural chocolate hues to create a deep red cake... Yikes! Seems like Red #40 overload to me. Red #40 aside, this was an all around yummy cupcake. The proportion of frosting to cake was just right and the buttercream not too sweet but nothing outstanding here, so I rate it no.4 on today's list.

Go ahead, sue me for bashing Red Velvet...

Happy weekend ya'll <3

{Little Cupcake Bakeshop}