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You Go Girl!

Judging from the mild weather we're having today in NYC, you never would have guessed that just five days ago we were in a Polar Vortex that caused the temperature to drop into the single digits! It was just a few days into the freezing temperatures and snow accumulation that I found out a dear friend of mine was in the hospital, which prompted me to take a little walkabout to capture some graffiti. Let me explain...


I'm not a graffiti connoisseur, but I've always loved this sign. I like to think of it as an anonymous person out there believing in us gals and whatever lie in store for us.


That day I looked up at the sign and thought of Christine, the toughest gal I know. She is not only the definition of girl power, she multiplies it. She instills courage, laughter, and love in her community of friends with her uplifting, inspirational, goofy spirit all the while battling stage four colon cancer for over six years. Her maiden name is Rock, so her nickname is naturally Rocky, mostly because she rocks it - I can't think of a time I didn't laugh my butt off hanging out with her. She does an outstanding job at life and I just want her to know, "YOU GO GIRL!" (with yo bad self.) 

Please send her your love, prayers, good chi and thoughts as she explores her options for overcoming this.

Not to be missed is this video her besties made for her:

Here's a FB Timeline cropped version if you want to "Rock" this!

Here's a FB Timeline cropped version if you want to "Rock" this!