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Weekend in Providence, RI

My alma mater, Rhode Island School of Design, otherwise known as RISD (pronounced riz-dee) is a unique art school situated atop College Hill in Providence, RI along with Brown University. The quaint cobblestone streets in this part of the city are lined with historical homes that boast placards stating the name of the home and build date, many in the 1800's. I love the various muted color combinations, which reference old milk-paint colors from another era, that make each home unique.


For this weekend away Mr. RaeChild and I tried our first shared apartment experience via Airbnb and were happy we did. For one, we graduated with two of the three Airbnb founders and appreciate the business they have developed, and also the host was a fellow RISD Architecture Student whose apartment is blocks from my favorite college-years coffee shop: Coffee Exchange. This shop is a community hub for academics and locals and is always abuzz with interesting chatter. My favorite part is the extensive selection of pay-per-pound beans, roasted on site! I was thrilled when "Ben The Roaster" gave me an impromptu coffee lesson as he roasted a unique heirloom bean - I had no idea how much science is involved in my daily brew.

RaeChild Coffee Exchange

If you are considering visiting Providence, RI for a weekend I would suggest stopping by the RISD Museum. I am definitely biased, but this museum has one of everything. The breadth and range of work they show surprises me every time. This visit I discovered a room of custom sized, openable drawers filled with vintage textiles, gowns, purses, shoes and tortuous corsets. The Pendleton House wing is like stepping back in time with period furnished rooms complete with historical wallpaper. There is plenty to see and appreciate throughout the museum but I can't deny how excited I get to see the impressionist wing, and in particular this classic Monet painting. No matter how overly commercialized his work has become (think fridge magnets + thank you notes) it brings me back to discovering fine art in my adolescence. 

Claude Monet, A Walk in the Fields at Argenteuil, 1873

Claude Monet, A Walk in the Fields at Argenteuil, 1873

As I hoped this post might help generate ideas of places to visit while in Providence, I might mention to schedule your visit during a Water Fire weekend. Stationary baskets of wood are lit in the middle of the canal, appearing to float while dramatic symphonic music plays. There are many tempting food vendors. 

Speaking of food! Here's a list of some of my favorite college digs (the ones that still exist):

- Geoff's Superlative Sandwiches - Sandwiches such as the "Godzilla" can and should be ordered with extra "Dragon's Breath" Also, there are free pickles, you can go in just for pickles if you want. 

- Eastside Pockets - Best falafel. Just go and try and you'll be really happy you did.

- Cablecar Cafe - Highly caloric ham and cheese on croissants, perhaps more appreciated in my younger years. Doubles as a cinema so catch a film while you're there!


Dallas Love

Last weekend I took a spontaneous trip to Dallas, TX after University of Kentucky (UK) men's basketball team made it to the Final Four tournament. Having gone to art school, I was never fully immersed in what Division 1 college sports were all about, so I was lucky to meet a friend that is a huge UK fan who was also willing to get me up to speed on the topic (read: I now know what "March Madness" is all about). I've never followed a team that's made it to the championship game of any sport, so watching this team play the whole season, many of them just Freshmen in college, was really impressive. 

Purchasing a plane ticket just four days before the tournament is something I never would have done if it weren't for my Kentucky friend's passion for UK basketball, and my Dallas-based long time friend, who I've have been dying to visit.  

RaeChild_Del's Charcoal Burgers

"Dallas Kate" is born and bred Texas. Which means, she knows a little something about southern hospitality. One of the highlights of our weekend together was getting takeout from "Del's Charcoal Burgers" - an adorable Richardson, TX based burger joint. This place had me swooning the minute I stepped out of the car. They've been in business over 60 years and their authentic "Texas-proud" decorations let you know you've landed somewhere special. The tables inside were filled with older local gentlemen enjoying a quiet Saturday lunch. We ordered a little of everything (which included a fried twinkie!) and were handed homemade rootbeers in frosted glasses while we waited. I felt like a kid in a fantastically Texas decorated candy shop. This is the kind of small town, good food, great service, spot I relish when on a NYC getaway. 

RaeChild Del's Charcoal Burgers
Love the old signs

Love the old signs

Rootbeer refills - only 50 cents

Rootbeer refills - only 50 cents

Of course there was a shot gun hung above the door...

Of course there was a shot gun hung above the door...

In the end, UK made it to the Championship game, but didn't win, which only means I'll need to find a new lucky something for next season. Apparently my faux Princess Di ring wasn't lucky enough. 

I loved visiting Dallas, if not for all the basketball excitement, but for all the friends I got to visit while I was there. It's great to have people in your life that encourage you to step outside your comfort zone, try something new, and be spontaneous! You never know what kind of adventure you may end up on! 

...I didn't mention I scalped my ticket. SCALPED. Good thing my friend, "Kentucky Miller's" dad showed her the ropes at a young age, I had floor seats!

So NOT the typical RaeChild scene... AT&T Stadium is where the Dallas Cowboys play! That scoreboard monitor, folks, is the 2nd largest TV in the WORLD!

So NOT the typical RaeChild scene... AT&T Stadium is where the Dallas Cowboys play! That scoreboard monitor, folks, is the 2nd largest TV in the WORLD!

You Go Girl!

Judging from the mild weather we're having today in NYC, you never would have guessed that just five days ago we were in a Polar Vortex that caused the temperature to drop into the single digits! It was just a few days into the freezing temperatures and snow accumulation that I found out a dear friend of mine was in the hospital, which prompted me to take a little walkabout to capture some graffiti. Let me explain...


I'm not a graffiti connoisseur, but I've always loved this sign. I like to think of it as an anonymous person out there believing in us gals and whatever lie in store for us.


That day I looked up at the sign and thought of Christine, the toughest gal I know. She is not only the definition of girl power, she multiplies it. She instills courage, laughter, and love in her community of friends with her uplifting, inspirational, goofy spirit all the while battling stage four colon cancer for over six years. Her maiden name is Rock, so her nickname is naturally Rocky, mostly because she rocks it - I can't think of a time I didn't laugh my butt off hanging out with her. She does an outstanding job at life and I just want her to know, "YOU GO GIRL!" (with yo bad self.) 

Please send her your love, prayers, good chi and thoughts as she explores her options for overcoming this.

Not to be missed is this video her besties made for her:

Here's a FB Timeline cropped version if you want to "Rock" this!

Here's a FB Timeline cropped version if you want to "Rock" this!