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seasonal swap

After spending a few gluttonous days with family and friends in Upstate New York for Thanksgiving, my husband and I returned to the city for a quiet weekend at the apartment. While some may be spending their Black Friday and subsequent weekend shopping, I decided to take inventory of what I already own - and can barely fit - in my tiny closet by swapping my seasonal wardrobes. 


After living in NYC for 8 years, I'm no longer a novice at "the swap" and decided to add one more layer of OCD to my routine: p-touch labels to the outside of the stowaway boxes. This will help in the ensuing months when I've forgotten what box has what in it and need to dig into them for lighter weight pants or sandals, but am not yet ready for the next full-on swap. 


It took me about 2 hours in total, which is a time commitment considering I wasn't swapping for a family of five, but the payoffs are worth it. I like having some wiggle room in my drawers and enough hangers for all my clothes. Not to mention the clarity it brings in these dark, cold, wee winter hours of the morning, when a turquoise and lime green tunic is just not going to fly come 9am at the office.

Here are the supplies I found that helped me:

- Clear Storage Boxes by Container Store // I measured the bottom of my closet, checked the sizes online, and requested them to be ready at the store for me when I arrived. I used (2) of the "Our Jumbo Box" size. These are reasonably priced but note that they aren't air-tight.

- P-Touch Label Maker by Brother // I have nice handwriting, so this was an appliance I thought was completely useless until I caved and bought one for labeling my file folders. Now I prefer how easy these labels are to read compared to my handwriting, although I still like handwriting notes.

Now that I've said goodbye to my summer palette for real, I'm welcoming my cozy winter bolds and will be taking a trip to Good Will with those items I know I didn't wear last year, or the year before, or the year before that... I'm sure you all feel warm and fuzzy!

Happy Thanksgiving!