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Food Parade

In case you were curious I went with a "Devil's Advocate" black pedicure last Friday. All in the name of trying something new - and I surprisingly really like it.

 {weekend ready with my first black pedi}

The rest of the weekend was comprised of many drinks and food. My sweet tooth led us to a pre-dinner Waffle & Dinges food truck I know far too well parked at the Central Park Zoo entrance. Then onto Tacos which were good but did not compare to Barrio Chino's... We finished the evening at my favorite creperie, Creperie.

The next afternoon we met up at The Meatball Shop, which I recommend to anyone (veggie balls are an option). I was lucky to have gone here before as an accomplice food taster for my friend's Opening Ceremony blog review and we got to meet the owner. He was outstanding and told us he wanted to "spread his balls around town." Hey, at the time they were expanding to two new locations... Sheesh. 

So, despite one food-photo-taker protester at the table, I was able to sneak some pics as evidence that I was there. Also despite a lack of colorful garnish, my meatball/sauce/side combination was a wonderful afternoon-after-late-night-out meal. It should be noted that the menu comes with a marker to make your selections so your food fate is in your hands, and lethally so - we all ordered way too much.

 {the DIY menu}

 {fresh milled polenta, spicy pork meatball, and parmesan alfredo sauce}

 {brownie walnut cookies sandwiching fresh mint ice cream}

It was a great weekend of catching up, although I was unable to convince my dear sister's boyfriend to quit his job and focus on the band. So, that was a miss.  

To recap the food festivus + clickable links for your own food parade:

 - Wafels & Dinges

- not Barrio Chino's but tacos none the less... 

- Creperie 

- The Meatball Shop

Now onto packing up the apartment to take with me on vacation... I hope to capture some beautiful photos to share with ya'll.