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product review: Dick & Jane Educational Snacks

Way to go Dick & Jane on making presidents cool, or at least delicious. 

On a recent trip to Whole Food's I spotted these gems in the cookie aisle:


I couldn't resist buying them, eating a few, and sorting them (of course) to see just how many presidents my box came with. I was pleasantly surprised by the total - 29 out of 44 presidents with a bonus White House - considering I couldn't account for those I had already digested. 

{used mini cupcake pans to separate out my Prez's}

Dick & Jane offer other memorable cookie themes: States/Capitols + English/Spanish. Their website boasts many happy testimonials and I can see why. Sorting the broken heads of Millard Fillmore (#13) and William Henry Harrison (#9)  to see where they ranked was a real conversation starter. "I think that guy died in his first year of office." and "Oh, that guy didn't make it too far either." Mr. RaeChild commented. There were other questions these darling cookies provoked, like, who really are our forefathers and why don't the newer ones have sweet beards? Did Teddy come right before Franklin? No.

All in all I'd say these cookies were time well spent and will agree that there is a little bit of "education in every bite."