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just 'cuz it's round

The world is a wonderful place thankfully filled with many people I can call my friends and family. One of these friends happens to be circumnavigating the world. Not the first of my friends to do this, but none the less daring. He has been hard at "work" filing for visas, arranging flights, building itineraries, documenting, photographing, and blogging back to us all at home for the past 9 months (give or take) via JustCuzItsRound.blogspot.com It's been a wonder to see some of his national-geographic-like shots of such places as:

1) India; Varanasi at the Ganges

 {photo credit Parker Barnum}

2) Indonesia; Gili Islands (Mt. Batur, an active volcano, on Bali in background)

 {photo credit Parker Barnum}

3) Bolivia; Uyuni Salt Flats (largest salt flat in the world)  

 {photo credit Parker Barnum}

His website, in my opinion however, isn't holding up to his venture. It has a bunk graffiti-style heading font called Rock Salt for starters (sorry Parker). So when he saw my RaeChild site he was all, "Whoah I'm jellin!" He actually didn't say that at all. I went ahead and conjured up a logo for him anyway:

 {my initial thumbnail sketch}

It was then that my two other besties were heading to meet up with him in Buenos Aires so I decided to take action and have some t-shirts made as a surprise for the three amigos.  

It took about 10 days to go from logo idea, to sketch, to t-shirt idea, to computer finessing, to t-shirt printing, to shipping. The shirts arrived on my friend's doorstep five hours before their departure flight.

It was a lot of fun waking up two days later, after they had landed and settled, to see this photo on Instagram:

 {Jon, Jill, + Parker sending RaeChild love from Buenos Aires}

...and then two days later another Instagram of the three of them sporting the shirts in the streets of Colonia, Uruguay. I somehow didn't expect they would actually walk around like a traveling band wearing the shirt together! I loved it! 

Parker seems happy with the shirts and I'm looking forward to making them available for all his followers. So if you happen to have the opportunity to surprise a wandering backpacker sans address with a t-shirt sporting his dot-com, I highly recommend it. If you don't have a wandering backpacker in your life, I suggest sending your mom some mail.