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package design: 3 loves *soap

 "Love" is a strong word but... my eyes have a hard time steering away from all the graphic design eye candy that comes with interesting packaging. Sometimes I even have to make purchases purely based on "needing" the wrapper. That's right "needing" the wrapper. I like to think of my habit as an R&D (research & development) investment, but perhaps maybe my wrapper collecting is more of a fetish? Whatever the enigma, here are three packages that have me swooning. 

 {this first one was meant to be a gift... oops...}

Rainbow colored boxes perfect for a guest bath. Lucia soap sets can be found here

These handsome Gilchrist & Soames Jet Set Travel soaps just happen to be on sale here. I like the proportions of the heavy black cap on such a small bottle.

 {from Mr. RaeChild's many travels}

{I like anything le petit}

This last one I stocked up on (read: hoarded) at a market in Paris, they made the perfect travel gift for my friends and family back home, at a very reasonable price. I was particularly interested in this Apricot & Basil scented one, but also adored the periwinkle blue "Pin & Criste Marine" or "Pine & Sea Fennel" scent/bottle. They have a "Red Currant & Cherry Tomato" (?!) scent featured on their website, along with a commercial in french if you would like to feel frenchy for 18 seconds.